The many definition of Kahuna

Aug 3, 2016

Kahuna is a Hawaiian word and can mean a wise man, a shaman, an expert in any profession, an important person or the person in charge.

The word Kahuna shows up in the book Tales from the Night Rainbow at least 40 times. For example "Kahuna la-au" which refers to an expert in herbal medicine or "kahuna haha" which is an expert in diagnosing of illnesses.

About Tales from the Night Rainbow

The book Tales from the Night Rainbow is an interesting read, it's speaks about the deeper meaning of family not just immediate family but the human family. The book is based on a woman, the people and the island, as you read to start to understand the deeper meaning of the story.

Where did the story come from?

This short but meaningful book is based on oral history told by Kaili'ohe Kame'ekua of Kamalo, Moloka'i, 1816-1931 and kept alive by the people until it was published in 2005 by Pasifika Foundation Hawai'i who felt this book had an important message and wanted to help make it more accessible. Find it Here

Fun facts and other uses for the word Kahuna

A non-Hawaiin use for Kahuna can be found in the surfing community and used by many surfers referring to a very large wave as Kahuna.

In the 1999 movie The Big Kahuna, Kevin Spacey's character is seen wearing a headdress and referred to as "the big kahuna"

If you've seen Quentin Tarantino's movies you'll probably recognize the fast food chain called Big Kahuna Burger.

Their is an ancient Hawaiin forgiveness process called Ho'oponopono which is practiced by a Kahuna.

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