Kahuna Massage Chair: What people are saying

Aug 18, 2016

We've gone ahead and did some research for you on what people are saying around the web about Kahuna Massage Chairs. These are the common kinds of responses. We encourage you to come in and get a massage right in our facility this way you can check it out first hand before you make your final decision. We provide a no pressure environment with pool tables, shuffle boards and many other game room furniture which you could also check out!

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Review of Kahuna Lm6800 Massage Chair and Features
By Hamza Butt September 12, 2015

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Three reviews on the Full Body Massage Chair LM-6800

This is a great massage chair! It has all the features of chairs double the price - maybe even more. I love the L massage feature. Most chairs only have the S massage. The description is correct. It is a strong massage. It even does the calves and feet with both rollers and air bags. First day I had it, I used it for 2 hours straight. Totally over did it, but loved every minute of it. The wife started using it too. She uses it every night right before bed. It helps her sleep better.

Highly recommend it!

By Amazons Kindle Addicton March 8, 2016

I love the Kahuna Massage Chair. It gives a full body massage at different levels of intensity with a full range of settings. This chair far exceeds my old massage chair of the past fourteen years. This chair is not for sissy's!!

By Amazons ByBC Readeron July 16, 2016

The Kahuna Massage Chair is something that I should have purchased a long time ago. I bought this chair for myself & My Wife to help relieve sore muscles & other aches & pains that are a part of todays lifestyle. Well, the only problem I have with the chair is not always being able to get in it, because everybody that has tried it absolutely loves it and don't want to get out of it so I can use it. The first time I used the chair I felt so relaxed that I couldn't hardly believe it. The next time I actually fell asleep in the chair after it had turned itself off at the end of the massage cycle. This chair massages you from head to toe, & the heated feature really feels great! It is very well built & was really easy to assemble the arms & side air bags, ( everything else already comes pre-assembled. I was able to get the chair through a 28 1/2" door opening & only had to remove the door itself. If it had come completely assembled with the arms & side air bags already installed it would not fit through my 28 1/2 " door. The only negative thing is what several other people had mentioned about the foot rollers being pretty harsh on your feet, but this is easily solved by folding a small towel & placing it on top of the foot rollers & this takes the harshness away. I've only had it for almost a month & I Love My Kahuna Massage Chair! I give it 5 stars! This massage chair will do more than many chairs that are more than double the price! I think it is well worth the price. You can't go wrong with the Kahuna Massage Chair! Now, If it were only vacant more often that would be nice, because it's always being used! I would definitely recommend the Kahuna Massage chair to a friend!

By Amazons Robert D. Spessardon July 1, 2016

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