Massage Around The World

Sep 22, 2016

Check out this cool article presented at Travel Blog by Bobbi Lee Hitchon. He speaks about his adventures and in this article specifically speaks about the different types of massages he's encountered as he travels the world. Maybe some you've heard of and maybe some you haven't. It's definitely worth a read, check it out Here.

8 Different Massages to Try Around the World

I stop my bike and dust flies in front of me.

Where is this place?

I'm on a dirt road leading to Wat Sok Pa Luang, a temple on the outskirts of Vientiane, the capital city of Laos. Having caught an early flight from Bangkok this morning, a massage and herbal sauna, recommended by my guide book, sounds ideal. Now I just need to find the place.

I look in my guidebook, scratch my head and look up. I see a red wooden sign nailed to the tree next to me with, "Traditional Laos herbal steam sauna and massage!!!" and an arrow painted on it.