Top 3 Pros and Cons to owning a massage chair

Jun 22, 2016


1) A good massage chair can do wonderful things for relieving tension especially when it comes to convenience, availability, and duration.

Kahuna chairs provide a Shiatsu massage technique which involves pressing, rolling, rotating, sweeping and patting movements all focused on releasing tension in specific areas of the body. Endorphins are released helping ease pain, cause lower stress, improves flexibility, increases the range of motion, improves the quality of sleep, elevates mood, aids in recovery from injury and can even improve blood circulation.

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2) A massage from a licensed massage therapist might cost you anywhere from $60-$120 dollars per hour while a massage chair pays itself off time-after-time for years to come.

3) A nice massage chair can be a appreciate not only by you but by everyone in your circle. So when it comes to high traffic most good quality massage chair companies provide a handsome warranty package.


1) The price of a massage chair: You get what you pay for.

2) Space: Most massage chairs require a lot of space especially those chairs with recline features.

3) Some massage chairs can't massage everywhere. They mostly cover the back of your body.

Are Massage Chairs Actually Good For You? Does the chair service outweigh the cost? Do you have enough room in your home? These are a few questions you'll have to ask yourself when searching for the right massage chair. If you have any questions please give us a call.

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