About the Kahuna Massage Chair Programs

Nov 23, 2016

The Kahuna chair 7800 has 4 automatic massage programs (Labeled I, II, III, IV) hit 5 different portions of your body. Each program focuses on different sections of the body from the neck, down to the mid-back, lower back, and waist all the way to the buttock.

The first focuses mainly on the lower body, helping release and relieve muscle tension. The second program focuses primarily on the upper body, this program is deep tissue focusing mainly on the neck and head area. The third option is a reflexology massage on the feet, hips, lower back and neck. The final program is the "yoga" a program which provides a Thai style massage to the entire body helping relive those hard to reach muscles under the surface.

All the automatic programs where designed with a different purposes in mind, so you could receive the relaxation you are looking quickly right in the comfort of your own home.

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