Principles of Kahuna Chair

Dec 21, 2016

Kahuna Chairs was created by AJX. LLC, who has been a leading provider of impeccable massage chairs since 1997. The focus behind the Kahuna Chair concepts would best be described as digitally pragmatic, functional, exquisite and durable. Since they are one of the only company's to provide a diligent crafted and technical innovative product their popularity has grown giving them leeway in terms of producing a diverse range of choices for the consumer.


" Ethics is our fundamental value that sets forth our business practice. Our products position reflects the reduced substantial burdens on customers. Our ethics solemnly checks and balances on moral duty we have toward customers. One of major moral duties is to prohibit price exploitation to sway customers. We provide customers with tangible information on our products, making permissible for them to marshal resources to analyze our products before making a valuable purchase. We do not uphold practices that impose infringement on customer's choice, nor do we manipulate public's perception to create profits. Ethics is a binding requisite that validates our business alignment in all aspects, and it is the ground on which we endorse corporate social responsibility." -AJX

You see Kahuna Chairs where built with you in mind.

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