Top 10 Massage Time Song

Jan 18, 2017

Top 10 Instrumental, Meditative, Relaxing songs to enjoy while receiving a massage. Sometimes it's hard to find new music or even where to start. So, We've compiled a list of our favorites just for you! We hope you enjoy.

  1. Spirit of Life by Blackmill

  2. Breath by Télépopmusik

  3. Mediterraneo by Aqua

  4. Florentin by Astro Pilot

  5. Dancing in the Wind by Omar Akram

  6. Relax by Aqua

  7. Flash of Color by Yanni, and Miklos Malik In the Album Truth of Touch

  8. Opening the Gates by Chequerboard

  9. Nightingale by Yanni 

  10. Bob by Gabriel Le Mar

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