Removing Smells From Leather

Feb 23, 2017

You just had a friend come over and they used your kahuna massage chair. You really hate to bring it up but they had stinky feet and left your chair smelling like old cheese!! You jump online and search "How to remove bad odors from leather?"

The first thing you should know is that moisture or bright light will damage any leather. With that said be sure to keep your massage chair in a spot with indirect sunlight. It's also good to note that smells on leather will eventually fade.

Easy Home Remedy:

Grab that old newspaper you've been waiting to throw in the fireplace and crumple it up packing it around the problem area. Newspaper tends to absorb smells, so hopefully, that will take care of that cheese smell.

If the newspaper trick didn't work then you definitely need to get rid of that lingering smell. You'll have to step it up to something stronger.

Creating a vinegar solution spray will require equal parts distilled white vinegar to water. It's a good habit at the beginning to start by spot checking, not all leathers are alike and this way you'll see how your leather reacts. Choose a small area on which you can dab your solution onto with a clean rag. If no discoloration or cracking occurs proceed to clean the entire area. Let it dry and the smell should be gone!

Home remedies don't seem to be working? Then head to your local hardware store and buy a professional leather conditioning product. It'll be easy to find something natural and non-toxic. Leather conditioners help prolong the life of your leather much like lotions on human skin.