Learning about massage therapy through history

Jul 1, 2016

Massage therapy as healing dates back to ancient cultures appearing first in India earlier thank 3,000 BCE "before the Common Era". This therapeutic massaged was known as Ayurveda and believed to be of divine in origin passed down through generations. Later appearing in Egypt, China and even in Japan. From what we know Japanese monks would go study Buddhism in China and had the opportunity to lean healing methods including massage therapy.

As time went on massage was introduced to Greece through athletes and philosophers. The ancient Greek athletes would hire massage therapists to keep their bodies in great condition as they where competitors, using massage techniques, oils, herbs, proper diet, rest, and music to restore and maintain proper health.

The Romans then jumped on the wagon, first the emperor of Galen between 200 and 100 BCE began to use massage, exercise and a healthy lifestyle to restore and maintain a healthy body. He was known to follow Hippocrates "The Father of Medicine" principals. Lean more about Hippocrates oath known as Hipprocatic Oath which was taken by ancient physicians and most known Greek medical texts HERE.

Massage didn't become very popular in the West until the 17th through the 19th century. As we started to have breakthroughs in medical technology and pharmacology now known as modern medicine massage therapy declined.

Through the 20th century some massage therapies where rediscovered with the interest in natural healing methods. Now more and more people are starting to get therapeutic massages finding different ways to get a nice, long, relaxing massage.

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