4 Facts about Massage Chairs

Jul 27, 2016

Who invented the first massage chair?
David Palmer a Practitioner in San Francisco created the first massage chair back in 1986. The design started as foldable wooden chair that was carried like a suitcase with handles and carrying straps. Learn more HERE

A massage before a workout:
Getting a massage before a work out can kick start your Lymphatic and Circulatory system moving. Learn about your Lymphatic system

A Massage improves flexibility & range of motion:
As we get older and our range of movement is more limited we can actually cause muscles to potentially tare. Learn more HERE

Anytime, Anywhere Massage
The worlds first massage anytime jacket was recently created by a company called AiraWear. It's intelligent design has 6 acupressure modules designed to target sore muscles, a personalized program setting, adjustable massage intensity and even a setting to help automatically improve your posture! Learn more HERE