Product Description

Kahuna lift chair is designed to give comfort and endure everyday life. It equipped two motors to give flexible infinite movement and remote control to easily operate as your needs. Additionally it has our specialty massage function for user to compete everyday needs from a high-end lift chair.

Kahuna Lift chair can change into three basic positions, sitting, reclining, or standing. When the most of the chairs with one motor changing the position of the chair is very limited which means the recliner and the foot stands moves together. However our kahuna lift chair can provide user infinite movement in-between those three positions make our chair one of a kind lift chair.

To make our kahuna lift chair even more special, it has simple massage functions included to the chair. With any position available, you can add massage to enjoy and relax.

We considered that lift chair is used by elders, all of the functions available can be easily changed by simply designed remote control. Since kahuna lift chair offers infinite positions with dual motor, You can customize your movements and massage without having a difficult time.

Kahuna Lift chair is made to recommend for user height in between 5'2?to 5'10" and weight capacity of up to 325 pounds. If you are looking for function with a touch of luxury, this is right for you.

Please note: Please allow 3-6 weeks for manufacturing and shipping. If you do not specify "In-Home Assembly" driver will drop off packaged item at first entrance, no upstairs delivery included.
-Weight limit for Medium and Large: 375 lbs.
-Medium for people 5'4? to 5'10"
-Large for people 5'11" to 6'2?
-Medium 42 1/2 " H x 30 " W x 37 1/2 " D (68 "D fully reclined)
-Tall 45"H x 32" W x 38 1/2 "D (73"D fully reclined)
-Width between the arms: 21" (Medium)
-Width between the arms: 23? (Large)
-Assembly required